Treat yo self

I’ve seen lots of posts with cool gift ideas for Mother’s Day, so rather than bombard you with more gifts for your own Mum/other women I’ve taken the liberty of compiling my own list of stuff (mostly from brands I’ve discovered through Instagram) I want in the hope that *someone* might take inspiration from it. And ya know, some of you might like it too.

First up, your classic- choccies. I’m an absolute chocolate monster, it’s my go to snack and my absolute weakness. The sass queens over at Sugartits London create the most divine (not to mention instagramable) treats ranging from cookies to candyfloss. This strawberry milkshake and cookies chocolate is something else!

Next up it’s a bit of skincare…I’m always on the lookout for new products- particularly face stuff, I’m forever searching for that dewy glow (the one my kids stole from me) plus we’re all becoming more aware of what we put onto our skin/ pollute the earth with so I love discovering eco friendly small brands like West Barn Co. They’re a mother-daughter duo who’ve created a skincare range from totally natural ingredients. I’ve currently got my eye on this Coconut Dew mist for £16

Now for the clobber…the clothes that are forever hovering in my virtual basket but never quite make it to my wardrobe- usually due to a growth spurt, dinner money or an unexpected bill- again, all my kids’ fault! The lovely Christina from @thismamadoes is the queen of original milestone cards (the real nitty gritty shit, like “send gin” or “teething sucks”) and she’s now released a t-shirt range! I’m so excited to get my hands on one of these beauts…

So what’s a slogan tee without some matching accessories?! @lauragravestock does the most gorgeous range of jewellery, I love the stacker rings and top of my wish list is this ear climber from the “heart and love” range is just everything

And last up (can’t be too greedy now can we!) is one of these beauties…

@eleanorbowmer has made tea towels SEXY. It’s so sexy I’m not sure I’d ever want to use it for anything (my tea towels get used for a range of things from mopping up spilt drinks to snotty nose emergencies) I think I’d have to make like Monica in friends and keep these ones for “best”, a guest tea towel if you will.

Anyhoo, I hope you’ve enjoyed my HINT LIST…remember, mums don’t need one day to tell us we’re fabulous- we’re fabulous every damn days ladies.

So get hinting, or better still don’t wait for Mother’s Day, treat yo self. It ain’t selfish, it’s self care babes.



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