Time to get thrifty! 

So it’s taken me almost a year but I’ve finally got the hang of this dressing girls thing. Having raised a boy for 10 years and been surrounded by nephews it took a few months to get the hang of. But there’s one thing that I can’t get used to and that’s the cost! With my first my sister had twin boys 20 months older, this meant a constant stream of hand-me-downs until E caught up with them. I didn’t have to spend a huge amount on clothes, and the bits I did buy I enjoyed treating him to! Baby I is not going to be so lucky, all she’s heard every time we go out shopping is daddy moaning about how expensive it all is! Ok, maybe I have bought her bits she doesn’t necessarily need. But it’s all sooo cute! Gorgeous handmade leggings are my weakness like Fred and Noah or Lottie and Lysh but the lack of income on my part (maternity pay has finished!!) has been a massive wake up call, it’s time to get thrifty! 

Now second hand clothes may not be everyone’s cup of tea but when you’ve got a kid (or 2) that eats for England therefore grows at an alarming speed unless you’re loaded somethings got to give. Add to this the fact babies and their super speedy growth means many of the clothes have been worn once or twice and you’re laughing!  So I’ve been ebaying like a woman possessed, my bidding skills are on point. Here are some of the beauties I’ve won for less than a tenner collectively.

Next stop was the charity shop today, I use Fara Kids in my local area as its a charity that supports programmes for disadvantaged children and young adults. Again, the quality of some of the stuff is amazing and I even saw items still with labels on! I spent £14 and got 2 tops, a dress and a pair of jeans, brands ranging from John Lewis to Carters. 

Overall I’m super impressed with my hauls and Baby I’s summer wardrobe is coming together nicely. 

Have you made some bargain purchases recently? I’d love to hear if you dress your kids on a budget or if they are strictly designer!  

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5 thoughts on “Time to get thrifty! 

  1. lozandthesprog

    Love your bargains! I get a mix of clothing for my baby, but prefer getting her cheaper clothing because she grows out of it so quickly! TK MAXX is fab for Carter’s- I recently picked up a pack of 4 really nicely patterned baby vests for £7!
    I love Fred and Noah type brands- I am also a bit in love with black baby clothing from online shops like Cribstar. I adore that white long sleeved top with the scalloped stripes! So pretty but cool! And the gingham dress is gorgeous!!!

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    1. thesecretlifeofmum

      I love tkmaxx but need to be in the right frame of mind! I just get stressed trawling through all the rails. I love babies in black too but my other half doesn’t like it on baby girls! Cribstar is super cool! Thanks for reading xx


  2. We’re a big believer in eBay and big bulk buys of clothes. Like you say, given the speed they grow it would be prohibitively expensive to buy new all the time. The last bag we had contained a number of surprise designer items anyway!

    The other good source has been buy/sell local parent groups on Facebook.

    My wife has also found a site that sells character themed pyjamas for very low prices.


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    1. thesecretlifeofmum

      Yes I’m a member of a few buy/sell Facebook sites. They’re great as mostly local so you even save on postage! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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  3. Some brilliant bargains! They do grow so quickly, so pre-loved clothing tends to still be in very good condition, some hardly even worn at all. I think this is a fab idea, and then money can be spent and enjoyed elsewhere. Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam

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