5 reasons we should be more like our kids 

Just do you.

Your kid doesn’t care if  you’re running late for work. If she needs to poop, she poops. She doesn’t care that you’ve got a 2 hour meeting in the morning, if she wants to play at 4am she will damn well play. My point is, don’t live your life according to others. (OK, easier said than done when you’re a parent) but at least try to dedicate some time to being selfish, get that manicure, eat the chocolate, get a babysitter and go out and get hammered or even check in to a hotel for some sleep (not gonna lie, it’s crossed my mind) 

Speak your mind. 

If something is bothering you, get it off your chest. Christ, if my little lady’s teeth are hurting her in the dead of night she sure as hell let’s us know. I recently changed my hair colour, I was unsure and of course could rely on my eldest to give his honest opinion. (He hated it) Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, it’s liberating! 

Eat well.

Ok, not all kids eat well but certainly in my recent experience of the weaning stage Baby I certainly enjoyed trying new things, eating it or just smearing in her hair and ears. My girl eats carbs like nothing you’ve seen before. She can inhale a bowl of pasta in 30 seconds flat. She’s not afraid to be adventurous with new foods, just the other day she sampled some gourmet dried mud from the bottom of her brothers football boot. Point being, eat well and look after your body. Lord knows we need the energy! 

 Be confident.

If you want to wear that dress, wear it. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Forget about your muffin top or bingo wings and embrace your body for what it is and what it’s achieved. Baby I wears her skinny jeans with pride, chubby thigh rolls in all their glory. 


Again, this doesn’t apply to all kids but baby I is at the age now where she smiles at everyone. She smiles at the postman, the shopkeeper, the old lady grabbing her cheeks. She even throws a gummy grin at people who aren’t even paying her the slightest bit of attention (true story) but my point is, just a simple smile can brighten someone’s day.  

Please note: this is her *actual* smiley face

We are all guilty of walking around with a face like thunder. I’ve certainly perfected my RBF (resting bitch face) but some days I feel better for just plastering on some red lippy and smiling my way through the day. 

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15 thoughts on “5 reasons we should be more like our kids 

  1. I’m cracking up reading this – her little proud toothy smile is adorable!!!!!! The resting bitch face – never heard of this before but hilarious! I do love kids honesty and how they say exactly what they think. great post and really put a smile on my face which I needed tonight xx #StayClassy

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  2. Oh this is inspired – so enjoyed reading it – when you out it like this – drunks and toddlers really are so similar – say what they want, smile all the time etc etc – frankly I can’t do the resting bitch face but have learnt to embrace the lines form too much drunk smiling! great post #stayclassy

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  3. This is definitely a post I can relate with, and you are exactly right, just get on with it, enjoy the little things. The chubster rolls on your little girl is cute, my boy is the same. Sometimes I think kids have it set- they have that freedom to act exactly how they want to without over analysing it. I think us parents could benefit from that as well 🙂 #DreamTeam

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    1. thesecretlifeofmum

      Haha thanks! She’s added 2 more teeth since this pic but still pretty gummy. Thanks for reading and commenting : )


  4. Hahah I LOVE this. : ) That photo of your daughter truly made me smile….a few times over. This is excellent advice, we should be more like our children, smile at strangers, wear the clothes we want (rolls and all) and being adventurous with everything in our lives. Truly inspirational and funny post, thanks for sharing with #StayClassy!

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    1. thesecretlifeofmum

      Aww thanks so much! She’s a smiley little poppet. These kids have got the right idea, must remember to smile more! 😀😀


  5. Haha! That was really funny and also so true. We should all take a leaf out of our little ones books for a day.. and see what happens 🙂 Thank you so much for linking up to the #DreamTeam

    Liked by 1 person

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