Let’s get messy! 

Now baby I is almost 10 months and the weather is getting warmer I decided to get together with a couple of friends and try out some messy play ideas in the park! I’m not massively creative and the idea of messy anything usually sends me into a cold sweat however, the fact we were in the park meant mess was minimal and easily cleared away (a huge plastic picnic blanket scooped into a bin bag at the end!) plus if you literally good “edible sensory play ideas” there are so many to choose from.

We scoured Pinterest  for ideas, here are a few of our favourite :

Rainbow breadcrumbs – super easy and edible! All you need is a blender, bread, food colouring, milk and a toaster!

•Lightly toast a loaf of bread and break up approximately 4 slices at a time into blender (I used my nutribullet with the milling blade)

• For each batch add a different food colouring with a dash of full fat milk (or your preferred milk)

• Blend until you have  fine breadcrumbs. I found if I added to much milk they were very sticky. Took a few attempts!

Next up we had rainbow spagetti, which is even simpler and super quick and again, edible for those pesky minis who inevitably put everything in their mouths!

• Cook your spagetti

• Add a few drops of food colouring to ziploc bags (one for each colour)

• Transfer equal amounts of cooked pasta to the bags and use your hands to spread evenly.

• Rinse pasta to remove any excess food colouring

Lastly we had some sugar free jelly with added berries for the babies to go digging for, some whipped cream and a bubble machine!

Baby I was cautious and very reserved, I’m not sure she touched anything for at least 20 minutes. The other babies dived in head first, literally! But for her first experience I reckon it went pretty well and by the end even she was sampling some whipped cream mixed with breadcrumbs.

Overall a fun afternoon, easy entertainment and makes for some great photo opps!

3 Little Buttons

4 thoughts on “Let’s get messy! 

  1. Ooohhh so many fab ideas. I wish I had thought of taking messy play out to the park. I haven’t heard about the breadcrumb idea before, it looks like something that Little Button would have really enjoyed playing with. Thank you so much for linking up to the #DreamTeam

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