Penny for your thoughts…

  Keeping it short and simple for this post, wondering if anyone can relate. Here are just some of the thoughts I have on a daily basis…

1. Am I doing a good job? 

2. Who left me in charge of two human beings?

3. I wish I’d napped more when I had the chance.

4. Will she be as bright as her brother?

5. Will that even matter? 

6. I need to eat better.

7. How do women work, clean the house, cook dinner and care for more than 1 kid at a time?!

8. How the hell will I manage it?

9. Can we afford a nanny and/or cleaner?

10. Is my youngest going to grow up thinking my iPhone is an extension of my arm? 

11. Am I too old for topshop? 

12. Should I give up breastfeeding now? 

13. How am I going to ever give up breastfeeding? 

14. Why must I secretly compare my children to others when I know they’re perfect the way they are? 

15. Why can celeb mums pull off trackies with a top knot and look effortlessly stylish whereas I just look like a homeless person. 

16. I must drink more water.

17. Have they had their five a day?

18. Does anyone ever actually have five a day?!

19. How many organix carrot sticks is too many?

20. Why is so much baby food orange and why am I so shit at stain removal? 

90% of these thoughts are at 2am. 

Am I the only mama with a weird, over-thinking brain that struggles to switch off? Anything you’d add to the list?

Oh, and if anyone can actually answer some of these questions I’d be eternally grateful! 



7 thoughts on “Penny for your thoughts…

  1. Ha,I can’t do the top knot and trackies either,always look like I’ve just got out of bed.I always overthink things,I worried I breastfed too long then felt guilty when I stopped and I totally fed all 3 of mine too many Organix carrot sticks 🙂 x

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  2. Ha ha this is fab – I too cannot pull off the top knot and trackies look, and yes sadly I think I am getting to the stage where I have to admit that I am too old for Topshop! But don’t worry crazy thought processes at 2am I believe are a woman thing, my husband often gets poked and asked stupid questions, drives him nuts!!

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    1. littlepetalblog

      Oh good! Glad to see I’m not alone, someone even said my thought were pretty normal compared to theirs so maybe I’m not crazy after all haha. Thanks for reading! X


  3. rightroyalmother

    I just came across your blog and this post – hilarious! I definitely, DEFINITELY have all these thoughts daily. Maybe not at 2am …maybe more like 3am 🙂 You are NOT alone! x

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