Nailed it 

As an avid lover/fan/advocate of presentable and pretty nails/toes not just on women but men too I’ve spent years roaming the “cheap and cheerful” nail shops of south west London, paying reasonable prices to have cuticles trimmed to bloody bits and to bathe my toes  in a questionably clean foot spa. Don’t get me wrong, these nail shops serve their purpose and are absolutely raking it in but after having kids I was often faced with the dilemma of 2 kids, one night out planned and no one to watch them whilst I run to get a quick mani-pedi. I wasn’t 100% comfortable with bringing them, the fumes are pretty strong in most of these shops plus some are less than welcoming when you’ve got the littles in tow. 

It was just after I’d had my little girl I noticed a new nail bar opening up in Putney. It wasn’t just any nail bar though, London Grace were offering “no nonsense, high quality nail treatments” They promised no over-filing, no excess cuticle cutting or “fakery” such as extensions. This fab place also have their own range of “no nasties” polishes, they serve snacks/drinks during your treatment (coffees, juices and even prosecco!) The deal-clincher for me though, as a mummy who likes to keep her claws in relatively good nick was the “pamper and play” Monday’s. Effectively a babysitting service whilst you get pampered!  Umm, amazing or what?!

I am yet to try this out but I can assure you they every time I’ve been there with babe no2 (1 is at school) they are smiley, friendly and fume free! I don’t feel like I need to put a gas mask on her face before we walk in, the lack of acrylics and “fakery” means there is a very fresh, airy feel to the space. 

This place is my go-to suggestion for friends with and without kids. They have literally covered all bases, I’m currently looking into booking their Grace space for my friends hen-do in August. I’m not sure I could ever bring myself to visit “USA classy nails” or the likes again *disclaimer this is not a nail shop I have visited or as far as I’m aware actually exists.* 

 London Grace are currently at

26 Putney High st SW15 1SL 
but they are also opening a second shop this month in Clapham! 

Check them out! X 


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