Baby rhyme time or mum wine time? 

Baby groups, some mums swear by them for sanity and socialising, others avoid them like the plague…I still can’t make up my mind.

So on Wednesday I went to my second ever baby group with my little I It’s a relatively new group, upstairs in a pub function room?! I hadn’t intentionally not been to any but juggling 2 kids, one of which has an extra-curricular schedule to make any mum wince, I just haven’t really had the time! 

I wasn’t a massive “baby rhyme time” mum first time round but thought I’d give it a go as that annoying “should I be doing more with my baby” feeling creeps in every now and then. I mean, as much as I’m sure she loves watching me fill the washing machine 5 bloody times a day and nothing beats bouncing around like an absolute nutjob in the jumperoo for 15 minutes so mummy can wipe down the sides (with a baby wipe obvs) we thought we’d broaden our horizons, so off we went. 

Firstly, it was absolutely pouring down. I’m talking biblical. But I’d committed, little I was strapped in and ready to go. There was no turning back! We were a bit late and I looked like a drowned rat. Ahh well I thought, it’s only a load of mums in a pub, leggings and ugg boots are like a staple mum uniform for at least 9 months right? Right? Wrong! Think twinsets and pearls, Joules and Boden. Where were the crusty cereal smears? The baby sick shoulders? I’d just walked into an episode of the bold and the beautiful with babies and I clearly didn’t get the dress code. 

The group as a whole was average, sang a few songs and did some bubbles and then a bit of standard mum chat (you know the one where you pretend you’re not comparing when you ask “how long has she been crawling?” But really you’re thinking why can’t my baby do that yet?!) before leaving. Now this was just one group in one part of London and I know not all are like this, the women seemed nice enough but just not “me” whatever that is. I’m left wondering if we do these baby groups because we feel like we should, like that big invisible “mum manual” tells us that baby groups are an integral part of babies social development. Whereas, I think Little I can gain just as much enjoyment and stimulation from playing peekaboo with her brother under piles of washing, picking Cheerios off of her highchair (using that pincer grip nonetheless) and dropping them on the floor or rolling around the living room whilst mummy chases her with the Hoover! For now anyway. 

As before I know it, I’ll be dropping her off at nursery where she will be seeing new faces and interacting with babies her own age everyday, making new discoveries and exploring this wonderful, crazy world without me. Excuse me whilst I sob uncontrollably into a bottle of wine…


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