Is this thing on?




So I guess these things start with introductions…I must warn you I don’t exactly have a way with words and will generally just write whatever pops into my sleep deprived, coffee fuelled baby brain.


My name is Sadie, I live in London with my boyfriend (is that even a thing when you’re 30+ and 2 kids deep?!) and my aforementioned 2 kids. My precious son was a happy (scary) surprise when we were 20 years old. We had been together for 4 years but were nowhere near ready for a child. But somehow we muddled through and 10 years on I think it’s safe to say we did a pretty good job.  Next up, my precious little petal (see what I did there) who is 8 months, she was very much planned. Mostly in my head for about 6 years but managed to get the other half on board eventually. Now this time round irony came to smack us in the face with a big fat nope and our little girl took a lot longer to conceive than we’d expected! After a “on the pill” pregnancy 8 years previously the boyf was convinced he had super strength sperm, ’twas not the case! So when it came to actually trying for a baby this little bean made us wait 2 years.

Now our little family is complete, I think I’m done with the whole having babies thing. As sad as it makes me, all my friends are now getting married and getting pregnant and I’m just over here like hey, I’m getting fat. There are various reasons why I’m 99% sure I won’t have any more kids but I won’t bore you. Besides, there’s still that 1% so never say never!

Now, as I mentioned before little p is approaching 9 months and the thought of work is creeping back into my head. I’ve lived a glorious 9 months in a baby bubble but reality is a bitch and I gotta keep my ass in Gucci (Topshop) I wouldn’t say I hate my job, but I’ve kinda just always done it. As I had my son so young I just fell into a job to pay bills and nursery fees and just coasted along. Now I’m thinking, do I really want to do that again? Is there more to this mama business?

I’ve toyed with the idea of being a stay at home/work at home mum. Not sure we could completely afford it but my selling point is think of the thousands we’d save in  childcare (literally thousands if you live in LDN) plus I’d get to really enjoy my time with my little p until she starts school, something I missed with my son as he was in full time childcare from 9 months. As an avid social media follower and lover of all the #mumbosses #instamums (some of my faves are @motherpukka @theyesmummum and @mre.souer to name a few!)my feed is filled with  cool, funny, sweet anecdotes to real parenting on a daily basis, not only that but these mums run successful businesses, manage to brush their hair/teeth and get dressed every day! So I look and I hit like and become inspired to do something (God knows what) and join this super cool imaginary girl gang but then I put the phone down and go back to just being me, just being a mum.

A few weeks ago, during a night feed (no my baby doesn’t sleep through and yes she does still feed at night) I was scrolling Instagram, all those cheesy motivational quotes kept popping up. They’re not all cheesy mind, but lots stink to high heaven. I got to thinking, with some help from my sister what if we created original, simple, yet relevant and real prints for homes. It’s hardly life altering or incredibly inspirational but it’s an idea. And the only ideas I tend to get involve chocolate/wine/carbs a dark room and an 8 hour sleep (did I say idea, I meant a never gonna happen daydream) I’ve only printed a few for myself so far as it’s purely in experimental stages, they aren’t bad but I want them to be better so watch this space!

Who knows, maybe I’ll be my own #mumboss eventually!